Zlatanovic’s Intel Report

With IM Boroljub Zlatanovic!

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Zlatanovic’s Intel Report

With IM Boroljub Zlatanovic!

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Boost Your Chess IQ with IM Boroljub Zlatanovic

In this 8-hour course, Serbian IM Zlatanovic teaches the finer strategies and techniques that separate the great players from the merely good.

While you probably know all about things like pawn structure, piece activity, and sacrifices, Zlatanovic shows you how to:

  • Invest in the future endgame – even in the opening.
  • Accurately assess the relative value of pieces and positional factors.
  • Punish your opponent’s planless play.
  • Make progress in quiet positions.
    Restrict your rival’s options.

All illustrated with recent (2020-) games from the highest level.

Integrate these ideas into your game and you will outplay your opponents without them even realizing where they went wrong.

Get Ready For:

  • How to Beat Your Toughest Rivals. To win your big games, you need to be relentless at exploiting weaknesses. Here (diagram), Carlsen’s 2650-rated opponent made a slight inaccuracy by playing b3 on move 15… Zlatanovic explains how the World Champion pounces on this error and uses it to his advantage all the way to the end of the game on move 75!.

  • Understanding the Assignment. Find the right strategy for your position and you will cut through your opponent like a hot knife through butter. But here’s the thing… ANY plan is better is no plan. Individual, reactive moves lack power. Zlatanovic reveals how to punish planless play.

  • Win Before Going to War. Most amateur players only think about the endgame when they’re forced to trade queens. World-class players plan for the endgame so, when they get there, they have the very best chances of winning. Zlatanovic teaches you to combine positional play with predictive planning to win endgames before you even get there.

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