The Modern Defense – By GM Damian Lemos

White plays e4-d4-c4 [Video #3 of 4]

White plays e4-d4-c4 [Video #4]

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Whether you prefer quiet strategic positions or a wild tactical game, the Modern Defense (1.e4 g6 2.d4 Bg7) gives you the flexibility to push the game in the direction YOU choose.

To be able to do this — without having to memorize tons of theory — as Black… is a massive advantage!

That’s why top GMs like Aronian and Andreikin have adopted the Modern, winning some spectacular games with it too!

The Modern Defense is a hypermodern chess opening where we let White occupy the center with pawns – then target that center with well-prepared attacks!

  1. We control White’s center with strategic piece and pawn placement.
  2. We pawn-bomb that d4-e4 center with perfectly timed breaks, causing White’s entire game to collapse!

Closely related to the Pirc Defense, there are many ways to transpose to favorable Pirc and even King’s Indian Defense positions – and the ideas taught in this course will help you in all Kingside Fianchetto setups!

GM Damian Lemos
In this 6-hour training, Damian teaches you the key piece paths for Black, how to take down ALL of White’s attempts at an attack, and many powerful strategic ideas that let you play for a win on autopilot.
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