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The Karpov Method – Chess Secrets of a World Champion!

The Anatoly Karpov Method

“Many of Karpov’s intentions become understandable to his opponents only when salvation is no longer possible.” – Mikhail Tal.

12th World Champion. Over 160 1st place finishes. One of the highest performance ratings ever recorded. He even has an asteroid named after him.

No doubt about it, Anatoly Karpov is a living legend. And now he has teamed up with iChess to produce his definitive Master Method.

We flew Karpov over to the States to record a 15 hour course on his approach to chess – and it’s simply on another level to anything you’ve seen before.

Want to pick the brains of one of the greatest chess players of all-time?

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In this course, Anatoly focuses on the areas in which he is a virtuoso: positional play, strategy and the endgame, picking out specific subjects like counter-attacking, passed pawns and opposite-colored bishop endgames.

Then he goes deep into chess principles, dissecting and explaining the most instructive examples of each topic, using his own games and taken from 40 years at the very top.

Here’s what to expect:

• Skeleton key. How do you unlock this blocked position (diagram)? Black has the back-rank covered and there are no other points of entry. Karpov explains one of the most instructive positions of all-time to teach you about timing, maneuvers, Alekhine’s Gun and the positional overload.

• The bishop pair formula. Having the bishop pair is supposed to be an advantage, but how do you prove that? Anatoly Karpov explains all with analysis of a textbook game he played aged 11.

• Risk-free expansion. Pushing pawns will gain you space – but can leave you exposed. Guarantee permanent control of the space in front and behind your pawns with Karpov’s “prepare and distract” technique.

• Inside-track on Karpov’s classics. Anatoly analyzes his most memorable games including the beautiful crushing of Kasparov in their 1990 match and the “quantum leap in strategic play” of his game against Unzicker.

• Ruthless finishing technique. An advantage only means something if you can convert it into a win. Karpov is the master at this and gives you a ton of systematic ways to tighten the screw, often ending with spectacular finishes as in this position (diagram)!

• Endgame maestro. Karpov teaches you the techniques and ideas that made him one of the greatest endgame players of all-time. See how he applied key square control, timed transition and barriers to crush Anand in one of the most impressive and instructive endgames you’ll ever see!

Karpov Method Queen Sac

And it doesn’t stop there. We’ve loaded The Karpov Method with some stunning bonuses!

• Karpov on Fischer: Nearly 4 hours of Karpov revealing the secrets of Bobby’s greatness with analysis of his best games. 

• Karpov on Kasparov: Incredible insight into 3 of the World Championship matches between the “eternal rivals” (4.5 hours). 

• Karpov’s Best Games: Another 6 hours of superb game analysis as Karpov explains his thought process step-by-step in the games chosen by The Informant as his best ever. 

• Play like Anatoly Karpov: An exclusive 386 page eBook on Karpov’s games, style, openings and favorite techniques, written by GM Ron Henley and only available as part of this course.

• 3 Karpov game files: ALL 120 featured games from the course games WITH COMMENTARY plus the huge 1260 Karpov game database.

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