SuperGM Chess Revelations

With GM Arkadij Naiditsch!

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SuperGM Chess Revelations

With GM Arkadij Naiditsch!

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There’s another 30-minute free video waiting for you! 
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Intuition Navigates Chaos: Super GM Chess Revelations

Most GMs dumb things down. They explain chess in terms their students are already familiar with. And their students stay at that level.

SuperGM Arkadij Naiditsch (peak rating 2737) breaks the silence with his stunning 15-hour SuperGM Chess Revelations – a magical mystery tour of the deepest chess truths.

In it, he exposes how SuperGMs really think about everything from sacrifices and strategy to prophylaxis and intuition.

Naiditsch analyzes the very latest games, deconstructing masterpieces from players like Duda, Carlsen, and Nakamura to bring you the most powerful ideas in chess.

This is the training that’s going to open your eyes and broaden your understanding of what’s going on in high-level chess and teach you techniques, skills, and approaches that will set you apart from your rivals immediately.


  • SuperGM Tactics. Top-level tactics can be tough to understand. Why didn’t the GM make that seemingly obvious defense? And watching engine evaluations doesn’t really help you improve your ability.

  • Arkadij takes you through a 2700 slugfest between Dubov and Mamedyarov. Sacrifices, counter-sacrifices, and mysterious moves… who do you think is winning here? (Diagram)

  • Total Domination. In the first lesson, Naiditsch explains the finer points of evaluation and strategy using an Aronian masterclass. You understand the value of space and activity… now get the insights that let you see the long-reaching consequences of every move and plan for success.

    Profit from every exchange, use tactics to make strategy work, and discover how to put your opponent in virtual zugzwang!

SuperGM Chess Revelations

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