Discover 3 Amazing Carlsen Games

with GM Arkadij Naiditsch:

Introduction  |  Attack: Carlsen vs Radjabov  |  Positional: Carlsen vs Ivanchuk  |  Endgames: Carlsen vs Hracek

There are 3 more videos available! 
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There Are 3 More Videos Available! 
Get FREE Access Below.

Magnus Carlsen – World Champion and the highest-rated player of all-time – dominates the strongest players in the world because of his immense strength in all types of position.

Tactical or positional, kingside attack or queenside squeeze, technical endgame or dynamic defense… Carlsen is willing and able to do whatever it takes to win.

In this 16 hour course, GM Arkadij Naiditsch (peak rating 2737 and 17th in the world) examines 50 of Magnus Carlsen’s best games, grouping them into categories such as Positional Kills, Attacking Play, Endgames, and World Championship Clashes.

Study all 50 games with Arkadij’s expert explanations and you will be armed with some of the most powerful chess ideas ever seen on the board.

Here’s What to Expect:

  • Mind-Warping Attacks. Re3 (diagram) looks like a beginner’s move – and yet it sets up a deep attack and forces Carlsen’s higher-rated opponent to resign just a few moves later. Naiditsch explains how preparation is as important as execution, and reveals the hidden clues that lead Magnus to moves like this.

  • Endgame Genius. Carlsen wins endgames that even elite GMs would only draw 95% of the time. In a position you’ll see in this mini course, Magnus has an extra pawn – but his rook is on the wrong side of it and Black’s rook keeps the White king from helping out. If I tell you Magnus wins with sacrifices and mating threats, then you should know this is one you have to see!

  • And more!



Part 1: Endgames (12 games)

Part 2: Positional Masterpieces (11 games)

Part 3: Attacking Games (7 games)

Part 4: Defending (8 games)

Part 5: World Championships (8 games)

Part 6: Online Rapid & Blitz (4 games)

Final Word

Magnus Carlsen 50 Best Games

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