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Club Player’s Manifesto 2K

With GM Damian Lemos

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The whole aim of the course is to not only to massively upgrade your ability to find the right moves but to make this decision-making second-nature… even in complex positions. Intuition navigates chaos.

That’s when your whole game really changes and you make a quantum leap in your play.

“Don’t worry about your rating. Focus on learning and your rating will take care of itself.” – Dan Heisman.

The new Club Player’s Manifesto 2k is a complete chess training program for the serious chess fan. Study it and you WILL hit 2000 FIDE… and probably go far beyond it too.

But it won’t happen overnight.

You will have good results and feel unbeatable… only to lose 3 in a row and think you’re going nowhere.

It takes time to integrate new knowledge… but not as much as you might think.

In fact, a 1400 player could reach 2000 FIDE by the end of the year – IF they commit to the material fully.

Are you ready to make this happen?

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