Destroy with the Stonewall Dutch!

With GM Ron W. Henley

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Destroy with the Stonewall Dutch!

With GM Ron W. Henley

Introduction to the Course

Introduction to the Course

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Learn How to Win with the Stonewall Dutch!

We’ve got a really great chess lesson for you today, one that will give you some powerful new opening ideas.

GM Ron Henley insists the Stonewall Dutch – where Black creates a pawn chain on c6, d5, e6 and f5 – is the most underrated, untapped system out there.

It’s easy to grasp the main ideas and gives Black multiple ways to launch an attack at White’s king.

Add it to your repertoire and you have a formidable attacking opening that your opponents won’t know how to handle.

And there’s no better way to get started than by seeing how the World Champion takes care of business, using the Stonewall to crush both Anand and Caruana!

Waiting for you

  • Stonewall secrets. Our c6-d5-e6-f5 formation stops White’s light-squared bishop getting range AND gives us a fantastic outpost on e4 for our knight. See how Carlsen uses this to paralyze his opponents.
  • Raising the stakes. Even when White gets an attack going, Black’s setup is rich in resources. Here (diagram), Carlsen wants to promote that a-pawn, but his opponent’s 33.f6 (threatening Rg7+ double-check) looks lethal. See how Magnus deals with this.
  • Permanent advantage. When White can’t live with our e4 knight controlling things and swaps it off, we get a supported pawn on e4 – a real thorn in White’s side. GM Henley explains how that one factor is enough to decide the game.

Content Outline

Course Introduction

Introduction & History

Chapter 1 – World Champions and the Dutch
Stonewall, Botvinnik
Stonewall, Kramnik
Stonewall, Carlsen

Chapter 2 – Historical Games

Chapter 3 – Tension Release: The Early cxd5

Chapter 4 – Positional Drawbacks: Bad Bishops

Chapter 5 – White’s Strategy: Dark-Squared Bishop Exchange

Chapter 6 – White Plays 7.Bf4

Chapter 7 – White Plays 5.Nh3

Chapter 8 – White Plays e3 Systems with h3 or Nge2 & f3

Chapter 9 – White Plays e3 Systems, With Nf3 v Bd6

Chapter 10 – Student’s Games


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