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GM Samuel Shankland

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GM Samuel Shankland

Thought Process & Calculation – Introduction to the Course
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Think like a Super GM - GM Samuel Shankland

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Sam’s premise is that while knowledge is important and useful, it’s your skills that decide how well you can play the game – a distinction missed by many players.

The SuperGM Skill Set helps you develop your skills to an advanced level by testing your decision-making and evaluation ability as though you were playing against a top GM.

If you want to hit the heights with your chess, there is no better way to go about… but don’t take our word for it – watch online the free chapters now and see for yourself!

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Things Sam covers:

  • Making the right decision. Even seemingly small decisions can have a big impact on your game. Take a look at this position. White has just captured a knight on f6 with his Bishop, giving Black three ways to recapture. Which would you choose?
  • Active defense. You get to see how GMs combine safety with activity, often making surprising concessions to keep their options open.
  • Middlegame planning. You’ve got more space but your opponent’s setup is supersolid, how do you make progress? Sam reveals some subtle but significant decisions that can really help you out – critical moments that are missed by most players.

Content Outline

Lessons Included

Chapter 1: Thought Process & Calculation

Radjabov – Sargissian
Gujrathi – Shankland
Carlsen – Kramnik
Shankland – Vitiugov
Ding – Giri
Shankland – Erenburg
Cori Quispe – Shankland

Chapter 2: Evaluation and Strategy

Vachier-Lagrave – Carlsen
Shankland – Michiels
Mamedov – Shankland
Xiong – Shankland
Shankland – Grandelius
Shankland – Sosa
Grischuk – Gelfand

Chapter 3: Forcing Moves Force Wins

Flores – Shankland

Shankland – Stojanovic
Shankland – Martinez Romero
Svidler – Vachier-Lagrave
Ding – Mamedyarov
Nakamura – Carlsen
Carlsen – Nakamura

Chapter 4: Sacrifices and Navigating Chaos

Gavrikov – Smirin
Gujrathi – Shankland
Duda – Shankland
Nakamura – Gelfand
Carlsen – Vachier-Lagrave
Akobian – Mikhalevski

Chapter 5: Pattern Recognition Creates Intuition

Bruzon – Shankland
Mamedyarov – Gelfand
Izoria – Shankland
Friedel – Predojevic
Shankland – Swiercz
Atalik – Korchnoi
Vorotnikov – Shankland

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