Free Mini-course: The Susan Polgar Method for Scholastic Chess Training

Lesson 12: Opening Principles

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The Susan Polgar Method for Scholastic Chess Training

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With over 45 years of experience, GM Susan Polgar knows the clearest and most efficient way of teaching chess, pretty much at any level, but especially at scholastic chess.

In this course, Susan shares an entire lifetime of chess and starts right at the basics. Each of the 30 lessons runs at about 10-15 minutes each, introducing you to a new concept while building on your knowledge step-by-step as you go along.

As Susan mentions, there are thousands of teachers, coaches, and parents trying to teach their kids or students how to play chess, but the problem is that they really don’t have the experience or tools they need for them to be able to teach chess efficiently.

GM Susan Polgar will share all the experience that she has acquired throughout her entire life in order to provide you the most efficient system for teaching chess from the basics.

How is this going to help me?

If you’re a complete beginner and want to start learning how to play chess the right way, or maybe you are a school teacher or a chess coach who want to have an effective system for teaching your students how to play chess, even if you simply want to teach your own kids at home, but want to do it the right way, this course is the perfect tool for you.

GM Susan Polgar, without any doubt, one of the best coaches in the world, will cover all the basics and will make sure there’s no gap left without being covered during this learning process.

She will first introduce the viewer to the chessboard and each one of the pieces that they’ll find in a chess game. Then she moves on to cover some basic tactics and strategy concepts.

Susan will also provide the viewer with opening tips, such as what to do in the opening, what not to do, and some important endgame techniques that any beginner should learn when starting to play chess.

Your Professional Chess Teaching Toolkit Includes:

✔ 7 Hours of Video Lessons with Grandmaster Susan:

In just 15 minutes a week, children are on a firm path to chess confidence. GM Susan uses a real physical board as well as a 2D interactive board with arrows and highlighted squares to make ideas simple to understand.

✔ A Comprehensive Teacher’s Manual

With clearly outlined lesson aims, instructions, and instructive diagrams —  this is really the ultimate chess teaching blueprint for kids.

✔ Challenging Test Puzzles for Each Section:

So you’ve taught the lesson, but how do you know if it “sunk in” and the children mastered each new skill? Simple! Give them these theme-based puzzles to solve and if they can solve them, the lesson is a success.

Content Outline

  • Chapter 1: Discovering the Chess Board!
  • Chapter 2: Pawns!
  • Chapter 3: A Special Move: “En Passant”
  • Chapter 4: Rooks!
  • Chapter 5: Bishops!
  • Chapter 6: The Queen!
  • Chapter 7: The King!
  • Chapter 7: The King!
  • Chapter 9: Capturing Pieces, Giving Check and Checkmate!
  • Chapter 10: What is Stalemate?
  • Chapter 11: Let’s Learn How to Checkmate!
  • Chapter 12: Our First Chess Game!
  • Chapter 13: Rooks to the Power!
  • Chapter 14: The Beautiful World of Forks!
  • Chapter 15: Forking with All the Pieces!
  • Chapter 16: Let’s Win Endgames!
  • Chapter 17: The Amazing Power of Pins!
  • Chapter 18: Winning Endgames with just a Pawn!
  • Chapter 19: The Powerful Tool of Discovered Checks!
  • Chapter 20: Time for Double Checks!
  • Chapter 21: Back Rank Checkmates
  • Chapter 22: Skewers!
  • Chapter 23: Opening Traps!
  • Chapter 24: More Opening Traps!
  • Chapter 25: French Defense!
  • Chapter 26: Under Promotion!
  • Chapter 27: Let’s Attack!
  • Chapter 28: Intermediate Moves!
  • Chapter 29: Escaping from Difficult Situations!
  • Chapter 30: What Have We Learned?

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