The Paehtz Master Method – By IM Elisabeth Paehtz

Improve Your Positional Understanding [Video 1 of 2]

The Paehtz Master Method

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IM Eli Paehtz created a course that would help players get better results based on common sense in chess rather than learning and memorizing tons of theory.

Her Master Method mainly focuses on three aspects of the game: opening play, positional understanding and practical endgames play


Opening Errors And It’s Psychology

Here Eli tried to add the factor of emotions and fear which may sometimes influence your choices at the early stage of the game, how to face them and also how to take advantage of them

Improve Your Positional Understanding

This part covers the most important topics of it such as maneuvering, open files, positional sacrifices, the importance of exploiting strong squares and many more.

Practical Endgames

Because it’s always important to learn how to win blocked or superior positions using the principle of two weaknesses  or minor sacrifices to breakthrough.

Special Chapter

Several extraordinary moves which seemed magical to Eli when she first experienced them but also may encourage you to still keep fighting when you believe there is no chance.

Most of the topics and examples covered in this course accompanied Eli Paehtz on her way to becoming one of the top 20 women in the world.

IM Elisabeth Paehtz is a German International Master and Woman Grandmaster, she was introduced to chess by her father, Tomas Paehtz, a Grandmaster, she won her first German Women’s Chess Championship at 14.

In 2002 she became the World Youth Champion of the girl’s under 18 group, and in 2005 the World Junior Girl’s Champion.

She has been a regular player for the German National team, playing in no less than 10 women’s chess olympiads, while winning board medals in World and European Team Chess Championships.


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