Naiditsch Knockouts

With GM Arkadij Naiditsch

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Naiditsch Knockouts

With GM Arkadij Naiditsch

Introduction to the Course

Watch Two Full Chapters of This New Course Now! 
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Watch Two Full Chapters of This New Course Now! 
Get FREE Access Below.

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Learn the Secrets of Attack and Defense!

naiditschs knockouts

Chess is such a deep and fascinating game, it’s easy to get swept up in it and forget the aim is to win.

Not in a game, obviously. You’re obsessed with winning then.

But in training. When you should be getting the skills that win games.

Obscure tactics. Cool opening variations that you’re never going to see on the board. Going 20 moves deep into some bizarre line during analysis.

Arkadij Naiditsch (peak 2737 FIDE and 18th in the world) insists this is the biggest waste of time and talent in chess… and he’s done something about it.

In his new 11-hour training Naiditsch teaches the skills, practical decisions, and attitudes that tip the balance and bring home the bacon.

chess position from Naiditsch course

Inside This Course:

  • Creating Winning Chances. Push the boundaries… play on the edge… create pathways where others see no way. If top GMs who have seen nearly everything before can do it, you can too! Look at this incredible cut-and-thrust between 2 players with an average Elo of 2783 (diagram)! Who is winning? Arkadij explains all.

  • The Million Dollar Mindset. Too many points are lost because players get anxious, feel stress, or get over-confident. Being calm and objective in ALL positions is going to get you the very best results. GM Naiditsch trains you to focus on playing the position instead of being controlled by your emotions.

  • Heavyweight Prizefight. When two 2800-rated players clash in a must-win battle to face the World Champion, sparks fly. No “Grandmaster draws”, just two of the best players of all-time using every ounce of their skill to win. Arkadij unpacks the secrets of an extraordinary encounter in the Candidates.

Content Outline


Chapter 1: Attack
Game 1: Caruana-Duda
Game 2: Grischuk-Vachier-Lagrave
Game 3: Tari-Firouzja
Final Word on Attack

Chapter 2: Defense
Game 1: Caruana-Vachier-Lagrave
Game 2: Carlsen-Donchenko
Game 3: Tari-Wojtaczek
Game 4: Grandelius-Firouzja
Final Word on Defense

Chapter 3: Converting Advantages
Game 1: Esipenko-Carlsen
Game 2: Van-Foreest-Grandelius

Game 3: Caruana-Vachier-Lagrave
Game 4: Giri-Tari
Final Word on Converting Advantages

Chapter 4: Positional Games
Game 1: Nepomniachtchi-Alekseenko
Game 2: Wojtaczek-Caruana
Game 3: Ding-Liren-Grischuk
Game 4: Duda-Grandelius
Final Word on Positional Games

Chapter 5: Endgames
Game 1: Alekseenko-Grischuk
Game 2: Wang-Hao-Nepomniachtchi
Game 3: Caruana-Carlsen
Game 4: Giri-Wojtaczek
Final Word on Endgames

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Naiditsch Knockouts

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