The Modern Defense – By GM Damian Lemos

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Whether you prefer quiet strategic positions or wild tactical positions, the Modern Defense (1.e4 g6) gives you the flexibility to push the game in a direction where you feel totally comfortable.

And to be able to do this — without memorizing too much theory — as Black…is huge!

That’s why GMs like Aronian and Andreikin have really taken notice and are adopting this opening, often winning beautiful games in the process.

Your 6-hour training with Damian will fly by quickly as you soak up more and more weapons and add them to your arsenal.

— you’ll be dying to unleash them on unsuspecting 1.e4 players in your next tournament.

GM Damian Lemos

The Modern Defense is a hypermodern chess opening where you will let White occupy the center with pawns while waiting for the right moment to undermine it later on.

Controlling the center at the distance and pawn-bombing white’s e4-d4 center is a lot of fun and will give your opponents constant headaches.

Closely related to The Pirc Defense, there are numerous transpositions between them you can even end up playing a King’s Indian Defense by transposition, so if you are a fan of the Kingside fianchetto, this course is a must-have!

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