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The Petrov Endgame: 21st Century Endgame Technique!


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GM Marian Petrov has just finished his latest creation.

This is The Petrov Endgame – 21st Century Endgame Technique

Master one of the most effective chess openings of all time, for free.

Here’s what to expect:

  • Learn not to trade your key pieces! Every 21st century master knows that you cannot win by trading away strong pieces. GM Petrov illustrates this powerfully with his move 42…Nxb2!!
  • Kasparov’s Killer King! Petrov commentates on a classic Garry Kasparov move – destruction using the king! 
  • Create a Path to Entry! GM Petrov will teach you how to use sacrifices to open a direct path into the enemy position. His 29…a4 – look at how fast white’s position becomes critical! 

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GM Damian Lemos

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