Dominate with the Pirc/Modern Defense!

With GM Fabien Libiszewski

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Dominate with the Pirc/Modern Defense!
GM Fabien Libiszewski

Introduction to the Course

Introduction to the Course

There are 2 more videos available!
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There are TWO more videos available!
Get free access below.

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Libiszewski’s Pirc & Modern

Libi EC Pirc Modern Launch MINI COURSE - GDN

Crush your Opponents with the Pirc/Modern!

Grandmaster and opening theoretician Fabien Libiszewski turns his attention to the Pirc and Modern Defenses for Black in this comprehensive 8 hour training.

These closely-related openings contain multiple ways for Black to play for the win – all of which are revealed in GM Libiszewski’s complete training.

You get the perfect mix of plans and theory as Fabien explains the strongest strategies against each of White’s favored variations. Typical tactics that can win you the game on the spot, GM-level attacking ideas your opponents will struggle to resist… it’s all here.

Playable against 1.e4, 1.d4 and most other first moves, this is a complete repertoire you can use for the rest of your playing days.

Fabien Libiszewski covers:

  • The power of the pincer. From a5 and g7, your queen and bishop cut across the board, holding White in a pincer-like grip. It’s amazing just how quickly things can go wrong for White (diagram).
  • Structures. Understand what your pieces should be doing in each structure and you’ve got excellent chances of winning. Fabien covers them here.
  • White’s weaknesses. What looks like a strength in White’s position – the space advantage, central pawns – can be made a weakness. The pseudo-sac …Nxe4! and …d5! win material and leave everything hanging.

Content Outline


Chapter 1 – Introduction
Chapter 2 – Tactical Warm-Up
Chapter 3 – The King’s Indian Attack
Chapter 4 – King Safety
Chapter 5 – Destruction of White’s Center
Chapter 6 – Attacking Queenside Castling
Chapter 7 – Light-Square Strategies
Chapter 8 – The Danger of e5 in the Modern
Chapter 9 – The Danger of e5 in the Pirc
Chapter 10 – The Danger of Passive Play
Chapter 11 – The Philidor Setup


Chapter 12 – Theory: Austrian Attack
Part 1: 6.Bb5+
Part 2: 6.dxc5
Part 3: 6.e5 and 6.d5
Part 4: Anti-c5
Chapter 13 – Theory: White plays Be3
Part 1: Anti-b5
Part 2: Be3 Classical Line
Part 3: Be3 with f4 (Austrian-style)
Part 4: Be3 with Kingside Attacks
Chapter 14 -Theory: Classical Lines
Chapter 15 – Theory: Bg5 Lines
Chapter 16 – Theory: White’s g3 Setups
Chapter 17: Theory: White Plays c3

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