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Bb5 Sicilian for White – IM Lawrence Trent

1. Introduction

2. Steinitz Defense exd4 (Part I)

3. Steinitz Defense exd4 (Part II)

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Chess Tactics in The Bb5 Sicilian – IM Lawrence Trent

Accelerate your learning!

All those Sicilian players… each with their own favorite variation.

How can you beat them when they can dedicate all their time to mastering just one line?

Enter… the Bb5 variation.

You can play it against …d6, …e6, …Nc6 – and it single-handedly ruins Black’s plans!



What you will learn:

1. Systematic attacks. Lawrence presents a number of attacking ideas in each variation. Black castles queenside? Crash through with Anish Giri’s stunning Rxc6 and Rxa6 sacrifices! (Diagram).

2. Positional pressure. Even if Black manages to avoid direct conflict (not easy in the Sicilian!), White gets a lasting positional edge. IM Trent explains how to target Black’s weaknesses and apply relentless pressure.

3. The c7 weakness. Many Sicilian players go for 2…Nc6 3.Bb5 Nd4, hoping to prove something about the bishop’s positioning. Yet this just plays into White’s hands.

About the author

IM Lawrence Trent

Lawrence Trent is an English International Chess Master, trainer and commentator. He has represented England in numerous international youth championships (including a 7th place in the U18 WCh in 2003). 

With a degree in Romance languages, Lawrence already has a lot of experience as a trainer. IM Trent has also demonstrated his ability as a commentator for major FIDE tournaments, and he has also host-commentated for independent super-tournaments, including the London Chess Classic.


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