Intuition Navigates Chaos

Accelerate your Chess! with
GM Simon Williams

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Intuition Navigates Chaos
Accelerate your Chess!
GM Simon Williams

Introduction to the Course

Introduction to the Course

There are 2 more videos available!
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There are 2 more videos available!
Get free access below.
accelerate your chess simon williams

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Intuition Navigates Chaos - Accelerate your Chess!

INC Simon Williams

Meet the Chess Training Accelerator!

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The whole point of this series is to transfer the skills and knowledge of the masters to you – closing that gap without you having to spend 1000s of hours of painstaking trial-and-error to get there.

Simon has gathered the positions and games that led to big breakthroughs in his chess development… and he takes you on the same journey.

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Simon Williams accelerates your chess

Simon Williams covers:

  • The other side of Tal. Famous for his ingenious sacrifices, Tal was also a master of evaluating, of understanding the strengths and weaknesses of a position. You get to see an extraordinary endgame where Tal mysteriously gives up a pawn – massively instructive!
  • Blindfold training. One of the best things you can do to improve your calculation and awareness of each piece’s power – see the board and pieces with eyes closed! Simon reveals his favorite technique for training this high-level skill.
  • 2800 tactics. Ready to elevate your calculation? Simon takes you through an incredible game full of fireworks (diagram, no spoilers!), challenging you to find the best move every step of the way.

Content Outline

Chapter Outline

• Introduction to the Course

• Chapter 1 – Evaluation and Strategy

• Chapter 2 – Thought Process and Calculation

• Chapter 3 – Forcing Moves Force Wins

• Chapter 4 – Sacrifices and Navigating Chaos

• Chapter 5 – Pattern Recognition Creates Intuition

• Chapter 6 – Prophylaxis = Control

• Chapter 7 – The Squeeze – Converting Advantages

• Conclusion

More than 60 lessons available for you!

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