iChess Mix Tape

+ 10 Hours of Premium Lessons

The London System (IM Eric Rosen)

Grischuk Crushes the King’s Indian

Organizing your Attack

Naka Beats the London in 11 Moves

These are just 4 out of 25 free premium lessons available in this giveaway! Please download the rest of the Mix Tape below!


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iChess Mix Tape (+10 Hours of Premium Lessons)

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Well, most of us are still stuck safe at home, so we thought we’d create a ‘mix-tape’ of some of the best lessons from our most popular courses… and send it to you for free!

Openings, endgames, attacking play, calculation, psychology… there’s going to be something here that will really help you improve your game.

There’s tons more too, including lessons from Simon Williams, Susan Polgar, and Daniel Naroditsky.

The download link will only be available for a few days so grab your copy while you can.

Things we cover…

  • The bishop and knight checkmate. Anna Rudolf explains her easy-to-remember technique for this tricky checkmate.
  • Tactics in the Najdorf. Niclas Huschenbeth shows you how to come out on top in the Sicilian Najdorf with typical tactics like Bxb5! (diagram).
  • Bobby’s King’s Indian Attack. Fischer loved playing the King’s Indian Attack, especially against the French. In this lesson, I show you the positional and attacking ideas behind one of his most famous games.
  • Karpov’s rook endgames. Learn about rook endings directly from Anatoly Karpov! Hugely instructive material!.

Content Outline

Lessons Included

London System – IM Eric Rosen 
Magnus Style

Grischuk Crushes the King’s Indian
Organizing the attack
Naka Beats the London in 11 Moves

Sicilian Najdorf – GM Niclas Huschenbeth 
Model Games for White

Anna’s Essential Endgames Course – IM Anna Rudolf 
Mate with Two Bishops
Mate with Bishop and Knight
Mate with Two Knights

Attacking Masterclass – GM Damian Lemos 
Attacking in the Opening

Deep Dive: The Accelerated Dragon 
Model Game: Xu Jun – Li Chao

Deep Dive: King’s Indian Attack 
Model Game: Psakhis – Paunovic
Model Game: Fischer – Panno

The GingerGM Method 2
How to Calculate and Attack

The Karpov Method
Rook Endgames

Lemos Manifesto 2K
Thought Process

The Naroditsky Method 2 

The Rudolf Method 
Prophylactic Thinking

The Susan Polgar Method 
Strategic Play

Note: If you can’t see the link above disable your adblocker for this page.

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