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The French Defense is hugely popular at all levels. 

Maybe you play it as Black – it’s a great counter-attacking opening.

And if you play 1.e4, you’ll come across it time and again. Even 1.d4 openings can transition into French-type positions.

So it pays to know what you’re doing!

In this free lesson, GM Damian Lemos explains what’s really going in the Advance variation (1.e4 e6 2.d4 d5 3.e5) – detailing the plans and ideas for both colors.

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Here’s what to expect:

  • How to apply unbearable pressure in the center: Take every chance you get to press in the center and create CHAOS by going after the weak d4 and b2 pawns with the simple yet annoying …Qb6 (diagram) plus a battery of other moves that mercilessly destroy White’s pawn chain!
  • Get the initiative early with strong and aggressive play: This variation allows you to occupy enemy territory quickly without risking your position – pressing and creating threats left and right!
  • Easy-to-learn and powerful: You won’t need an enormous amount of theory to master this variation, just focus on Black’s main plans. The Advance variation (3.e5) is sharp, easy-to-learn and fun and will help you get excellent results as Black.
French Defense Qb6

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French Defense Free

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GM Damian Lemos

GM Damian Lemos from iChess here!

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