Free Video: 1.e4 e5 Beating Sidelines & Gambits [Video 1 of 2]

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Capablanca, Karpov, Magnus Carlsen… all of these great champions have relied upon 1…e5 as a key weapon in neutralizing the aggressive intentions of 1.e4 players.

Even blood-thirsty attackers like Kasparov and Tal have been stopped in their tracks by a skilfully played 1…e5 defense.

But things are different at club level, right?

At club level, you face openings like the King’s Gambit, Vienna, Danish Gambit and other bone-chilling attacks and gambits…  against a strong tactical player, this could end in disaster.

Grandmaster Damian Lemos has put together a 6​​1⁄2 hour course on beating ALL sidelines and gambits after 1.e4 e5.

For every attempt by White, GM Lemos provides battle-tested responses that turn the tables and give YOU the space, activity and even material advantages!

No need to fear the King’s Gambit, Danish Gambit, or any of these 19th-century aggressive lines.

You get a complete blueprint for beating them and together with instructive sample games, cutting-edge theory and sophisticated middlegame plans.

GM Damian Lemos
Over 6 hours of GM training that will give you a HUGE advantage against anyone who tries one of these sidelines or gambits against you!
And you’re getting 50% off the usual price!
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