Queen’s Gambit for White

With GM Damian Lemos!

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The Queen’s Gambit

With GM Damian Lemos!

Introduction to the Course

Learn the Queen’s Gambit for White! 
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Learn the Queen’s Gambit! 
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Beat the Queen's Gambit Declined as White!

The Queen’s Gambit is probably the most well-known opening on the planet now, thanks to a certain TV show…

…but don’t worry! We’re keeping it real with 45 minutes of FREE lessons on how to beat the Queen’s Gambit Declined as White.

There’s a new Deep Dive for you to enjoy… training that tackles one of the oldest chess openings around.

And we’re putting the first couple of chapters up for you to watch right now!


  • Wild Tactics. Some of the lines you’re going to hit Black with will really take them by surprise… and when they play ‘natural’ defensive moves like …a6 (diagram), they’re really in trouble!
  • Taking out the Tarrasch. With the Tarrasch (an early …c5) Black often gives up a pawn in return for rapid development and an attack on White’s king. GM Lemos shows you how to safely deal with all threats and emerge victorious with Karpov’s method!
  • Pro-Level Precision. Small inaccuracies quickly become bad positions – but that will be your opponent’s problem, not yours. GM Lemos shows you how to play the most precise moves.

Content Outline


Chapter 1 – The von Hennig-Schara Gambit, Part 1

Chapter 2 – The von Hennig-Schara Gambit, Part 2

Chapter 3 – The Tarrasch, Part 1

Chapter 4 – The Tarrasch, Part 2

Chapter 5 – The Tarrasch, Part 3

Chapter 6 – The Semi-Tarrasch, Part 1

Chapter 7 – The Semi-Tarrasch, Part 2

Chapter 8 – The QGD Orthodox, Part 1

Chapter 9 – The QGD Orthodox, Part 2

Chapter 10 – The QGD Orthodox, Part 3

Chapter 11 – The QGD Orthodox, Part 4

Chapter 12 – The QGD Orthodox, Part 5

Chapter 13 – 3…Be7, Part 1

Chapter 14 – 3…Be7, Part 2

Chapter 15 – 3…Be7, Part 3

Chapter 16 – 3…Be7, Part 4

Chapter 17 – 3…dxc4 in Queen’s Gambit Accepted Style

The Queen's Gambit

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