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New 10-Hour Mixtape!

Susan Polgar, Simon Williams, Sam Shankland, Anna Rudolf, Ivan Sokolov, Nigel Short, Alina Kashlinskaya, Bryan Smith, Georg Meier, Valeri Lilov, Paco Vallejo, Damian Lemos, Efstratios Grivas, Alina Melekhina, Ron W. Henley, Rashad Babaev, Alex Lenderman, Kostya Kavutskiy, Mihail Marin, Jesse Kraai

There are 21 more videos available! 
Get FREE Access Below!
There Are 21 More Videos Available! 
Get FREE Access Below.

The Holiday season may still be some weeks away, but we’re feeling festive right now!

After all, the World Championship starts in a couple of days and everyone’s going to go chess mad… it pays to be ahead of the curve.

So we’ve put together one of our famous MixTapes – over 10 hours of rating-boosting, game-changing lessons from our most popular courses.

  • See further with Simon William’s miraculous knight study,
  • Take control with Alina Kashlinskaya’s analysis of a Carlsen classic,
  • Execute perfectly with Ivan Sokolov’s essential endgames tutorial.

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How Is This Going to Improve My Chess?

  • Master Momentum. So you’ve sacrificed material for activity… now what? Sam Shankland shows you how to snowball that extra tempo into a devastating fireball, scorching every defender that gets in its way. Play moves like Nd5! and Bg5!! (diagram) – and find the finishing combination after …Nc6.

  • Resilience of a Rock. Want to lose less and win more? Develop the resilience of a champion by learning to deal with the unexpected. GM Vallejo Pons teaches this rarely discussed mental strategy by explaining what he did wrong in a defeat to Levon Aronian.

  • Tactical Trickery. Becoming a tactical beast is part knowing patterns, part calculation, and part sensing opportunity. Nigel Short explains what he noticed in an ordinary-looking position that made him sacrifice his Knight on g7 (and how he could have found an even better move).


10 Must Know Endgames – GM Ivan Sokolov

Carlsen vs Firouzja – IM Alina Kashlinskaya

Carlsen vs Yifan – GM Bryan Smith

Converting A Winning Position – GM Georg Meier

Efficient Calculation Technique – GM Simon Williams

Esserman vs Van Wely – GM Sam Shankland

Exploiting Pawn Weaknesses – IM Valeri Lilov

Facing Unexpected Moves – GM Paco Vallejo

The Von Hennig-Schara Gambit – GM Damian Lemos

Intermediate Moves – Susan Polgar

Knight Study – GM Simon Williams

Knight Outposts – GM Efstratios Grivas

Learning From Petrosian – FM Alisa Melekhina

London System – GM Ron W. Henley

Openings That Fit You – IM Anna Rudolf

Dark-Square Weaknesses – GM Rashad Babaev

Prophylaxis In Attack – GM Alex Lenderman

Quiet Moves – IM Kostya Kavutskiy

Saidy vs Fischer – GM Mihail Marin

Short vs Grigoriants – GM Nigel Short

Space, The Final Frontier – GM Jesse Kraai

Strategic Piece Sacrifice – GM Damian Lemos

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