80/20 Tactics: Queen’s Indian Defense

IM Hans Niemann

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80/20 Tactics: Queen’s Indian Defense

IM Hans Niemann

Queen’s Indian Defense – Tactic 1
Queen’s Indian Defense – Tactic 1
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There are 4 more videos available!
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niemann queen's indian defense

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80/20 Tactics: Queen's Indian Defense - IM Hans Niemann

hans niemann chess course

Master the Queen’s Indian Defense

The QID is one of the most flexible and dynamic ways of meeting 1.d4.

Right from the start Black directs play, developing the bishop to either b7 or a6 – each giving White a different set of problems.

IM Niemann shows you nearly 40 winning tactical ideas taken from real games in the Queen’s Indian, showing you how they came about and what makes them work.

Once you have mastered the tactical side, Hans reveals the advanced positional themes by analyzing the games of QID experts Richard Rapport and David Navara.

hans niemann chess course

Things Hans covers:

  • Why Ba6 is so dangerous. One of the things I like about the Queen’s Indian is how some simple moves can really cause problems for White. Ba6 makes it difficult for White to develop and the c4 and e2 pawns can become real weaknesses.
  • The right squares for your pieces. Some natural-looking moves can be big mistakes in the QID. We’ll see how a 2600-rated GM lost quickly after 10.Qc2 (diagram) and why the weird 10.Qb2 was the right move.
  • How Richard Rapport plays the QID. One of my favorite ways to learn an opening is by seeing how very strong GMs play it. We’ll look at two very instructive wins by Rapport and draw some conclusions.

Content Outline

Lessons Included


Chapter 1

Tactics 1-38.

Chapter 2

IM Niemann’s model games.


Chapter 3

GM Rapport’s model games.


Chapter 4

GM Navara’s model games.


Chapter 5

Positional side of the Queen’s Indian.
Creating an opening file.


niemann queen's indian defense
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