Tactical Secrets of the Catalan Opening with…
IM Mat Kolosowski

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Tactical Secrets of the Catalan Opening with…
IM Mat Kolosowski

Introduction to the Course

Learn the Catalan Opening!
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Learn the many types of positional sacrifice! 
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Play for the Win with the Catalan Opening!

IM Mat Kolosowski has just finished his new 80/20 Tactics course on the Catalan.

It’s packed with more tactical firepower than you could possibly imagine… AND it gives you step-by-step instructions on building ridiculously powerful attacks.

Throw in detailed analysis of the best games of the Catalan Master himself – Kramnik – and you’ve got a brilliant course built around ideas not theory.

We’ve hooked you up with 1 hour of lessons for free.


  • The g2 gorilla. That Catalan bishop is scarily overpowered… which is why Black usually tries to neutralize it by fianchettoing on the same diagonal. But you always have that extra move! See how you can use that to tie Black up in knots like this (diagram).

  • Sac, sac, mate. IM Kolosowski shows how the Catalan setup helps White to get pieces around the enemy king fast. I’m talking “opponent resigns on move 15” fast. They’re subtle enough that your rivals are likely to miss them but – after seeing this – you never will.

  • Using tactics for strategic ends. Put positional AND tactical pressure on your opponents and they will really meltdown!

Content Outline


Chapter 1: Forks

Chapter 2: Trapped Pieces

Chapter 3: The Long Diagonal

Chapter 4: Attacking the King in the Center

Chapter 5: Attacking the Castled King

Chapter 6: Catalan Pressure

Chapter 7: Model Games – Black Wins

Chapter 8: Kramnik’s Notable Catalan Victories

The Catalan Opening

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